Greetings SAL members,

We just completed out mid-winter conference in Casper. Casper put on a great conference and was a wonderful host. The SAL turnout was good but there were a number of squadrons that we would have liked to have seen represented. Hopefully we will see them this summer at State Convention.

We had some good news come out during the convention. Hewlett is in the process of forming a new SAL squadron. Department Commander Keith Davidson is leading this effort and we are trying to help any way we can. We were also informed that NEC alternate Charlie Keith has plans to run for National District Vice-Commander. We hope him the best of luck and plan to support him all the way.

Dates have been set for Christmas in July in Buffalo. This year, check-in is Friday July 19th. The events will be on Saturday July 20th. As always, the Z-Bar motel has set aside a block of rooms for those interested in attending Christmas in July. Single rooms are $67.50 and doubles are $76.50. Anyone planning to attend please call the Z-Bar at 307-684-5535 to make their reservations.

Finally, let?s all remember that this is the time of the year to work on our memberships. Contact anyone you know that has not renewed. Invite a friend that has always been curious to an event. It?s easy to get new members when people see the good we do and the fun we have doing it.

Best of Luck,
Steven Skorcz
Wyoming SAL Detachment Commander